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Auction for August 12, 2017

Lot: 601

Antique 19th Spur Trigger Pistol

Lot: 602

Antique Mid 19th Century Belgian Percussion Pistol

Lot: 603

Antique Double Barrel Percussion Boarding Style Pistol

Lot: 604

Antique 1855 Large Bore Seamans Belt Pistol

Lot: 605

Lot of Two Black Powder Pistols

Lot: 606

THE TERRIBLE Antique 1856 Hand Colored Etching

Lot: 607

Antique Circa 1890 Double Barrel Shotgun

Lot: 608

Antique 19th Century Derringer Style Pistol

Lot: 609

U.S. Model 1902 Officer sword

Lot: 610


Lot: 611

Antique 19th Century Flobert Parlor Pistol

Lot: 612

Lot of Two African Hunting Spear Heads

Lot: 613

African Tribal Spear with Original Shaft

Lot: 614

African Masai Tribal Hide Shield

Lot: 615

African Tribal Sword

Lot: 616

Antique c1830 Seamans Large Bore Belt Pistol

Lot: 617

U.S. Springfield Model 1842 Martially Inspected Percussion Musket

Lot: 618

Hand Forged Civil War Era Fighting Knife

Lot: 619

1875 French Gras Sword Bayonet with Scabbard

Lot: 620

Antique c1830 European Rare Over Under Double BBL Pistol

Lot: 621

Antique Bronze and Steel Sword

Lot: 622

Civil War Style Bowie Knife with Bone Handle

Lot: 623

Antique North M1816 .54 caliber Martially Inspected Pistol

Lot: 624

Odd Fellows Partriarch Militant Fraternal Order Sword by Henderson-Ames

Lot: 625

Antique circa 1870 Century French Chassepot Yataghan Bayonet

Lot: 626

WWI to WWII Japanese Sword

Lot: 627

German World War I helmet

Lot: 628

WWI French Cavalryman Helmet With Black Horsehair Crest

Lot: 629

WW1 British Army Officers Leather Covered Swagger Stick

Lot: 630

WWII German Ammo Crate with Ammunition Clips

Lot: 631

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Equipment WWII Grinder Tool Box

Lot: 632

WWII German K98 Mauser Bayonet

Lot: 633

Antique 1835 Matched Pair of Ornate European Duellers w Silver Inlay

Lot: 634

Antique Civil War Engraved Era Folding Trigger Pinfire Revolver

Lot: 635

Antique c1830 European Quality Ships Officer Percussion Pistol

Lot: 636

Antique 19th Century Army Major Epaulettes

Lot: 637

Antique 1850s Philadelphia Deringer Pistol

Lot: 638

Antique 1805 British Flintlock Pistol with Ornate Silver Inlay

Lot: 639

U.S. Model 1817 Martially Inspected Deringer Philadelphia Rifle

Lot: 640

Persian Sword Sabre 18th Century

Lot: 641

Lot of Two Swords

Lot: 642

Mid Century Knights of Columbus Sword with Original Sheath
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