AANTV Realty
Sell your properties with America's Auction Network

Do you want to sell your properties on Americas Auction Network? If you are a bank asset manager, hedge fund manager or simply an investor with a portfolio of properties, we can sell your Properties fast!

Call 800-269-9629 ext. 1137 for details.

Procedures for customers, banks and asset companies wanting AANLive to auction their Real Estate

AANLive is only looking to auction residential and commercial real estate (i.e. homes, condos, duplex or triplex and commercial buildings).

All potential vendors (customers, banks and asset companies) must own and be able to provide a warranty or special warranty deed for the real estate being offered to AAN for auction.

Vendors must send an email to auctionyourrealestate@aanlive.com with specific property information.

Information required in the email:

  • Property address and parcel number with the name of the county the property is located in.
  • The amount of money the customer needs to receive from the sale of the property at auction
  • Any pertinent or background information regarding the property that would help AANLive auction the property.

AANLive will always reserve the right to auction only properties that AANLive feels will fit the televised auction platform.