Witch Well Arizona
In beautiful Apache County
  • Apache County has the third lowest property taxes in US
  • High Desert Plateau Rarely gets above 82 degrees in the summer
  • 10 Minutes from I-40
  • Less than a hour from the Painted Desert and internationally famous Petrified Forest National Park, the largest park where visitors can walk among giant fallen petrified wood.
  • Two hours from Apache Sunrise Ski Resort in Arizona's White Mountains
  • Minutes from Lyman Lake State Park for boating and fishing
  • Additional information can be seen in the Arizona Department of Real Estate report (.pdf file).

Low cost of living, low crime rates, and communities where residents care about each other are the defining aspects of each of our local communities. From the southwestern ranch style of St. Johns, to the forested mountain communities of Eagar and Springerville, you'll find an exceptional quality of life, and the perfect home to grow your business and family.

Around Witch Well are a few different sub divisions including Witch Well Ranchos and Red Sky Ranch. Witch Well Ranchos are close to the highway and easily accessable. On the other side of the highway to the west about a mile is Red Sky Ranch which features large 40 and 50 acre parcels.

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Properties Available

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Two hours from Apache Sunrise Ski Resort in Arizona's White Mountains, a four-season recreation area in the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest. Indian artifacts (pottery, arrowheads) found throughout the area. Also, minutes from Lyman Lake State Park (17 miles northwest on U.S. 180) where you can go fishing, swimming, boating, water skiing, camping or see the local buffalo herd.

Summer evenings are quite beautiful in Witch Well. There are occasional thunderstorms and breathtaking sunsets. The high altitude means it rarely gets above 83 degrees. Compare this to parts of Arizona down on the desert floor where you'd have to face a 110 degree sunbaking.

Just a scenic two hour drive south of Witch Well you'll find the beautiful Salt River Canyon. It's not as well known as the Grand Canyon but just as gorgeous and breath taking.

The Witch Well area has been inhabited by humans for over 10000 years. You'll find broken pieces of anasazi pottery quite easily. Petrified wood and arrowheads can be found as well if you're patient.

Instead of camping in a tent Jeremiah prefers the primitive comform of sleeping in an indian Tipi. Roomier than most tents tipi's are designed to have a firepit in the middle. The cone shape and smoke flaps draw the smoke out without choking the inhabitants. It's nice to sit by the fire in a tipi when it's cold or raining outside. You can't do that with a paleface's tent.

Jeremiah loves hunting for indian artifacts. For a nominal fee you can have a sampler display of the Anasazi pottery shards that can be found on these lands. Please call the real estate office for more details 727-323-6698.

Anasazi pottery is the material culture of a prolific ancient people who lived in the southwest hundreds of years ago. Today the Pueblo people living in New Mexico are most like their decendents. The Anasazi is a name of a past people and a cultural period in Native American Indian history that lasted from about 800-900 A.D. to 1200-1300 A.D. There is evidence that they existed in the region going back to 1200 B.C. They build an intricate trading network that extended west into Arizona and south into what is today Mexico. We have found evidence of this trading in volcanic tools found in the Witch Well area that probably came from the El Maipais region of New Mexico.

Anasazi pottery is a low fire type of ceramic. Is it very delicate and the paints are often faded or easily removed by washing or sanding. Some of the easily identified styles include simple black on white, red and black and the basketweaver style.

Occasionally you might find an old abandoned shack that isn't on any map. Jeremiah came across this one while looking for pottery shards and arrowheads.

It's a myth that there building permits are not required. You do need a permit to build but there are very little restrictions and you can build just about whatever you want be it a shack, a rambling home, a farmhouse, and earthship eco-home, and underground house. If you can think it up you'll probably be allow to build it out here.

The usual setup for people living out here is have some solar panels and a wind charger. You'll be amazed how modern a place can be living off the grid. Our friend Ron has an off the grid trailer he lives in with all the amenities of a home in the city. Satellite tv works great out here and you can even get satellite internet connections. A water truck can deliver fresh water right to your tank or cisturn for a penny a gallon. Stoves and refridgerators can run off of propane. Who needs the big city anyway?

The Witch Well area consists primarily of small and large ranches, an area appreciated by people living life off the grid and going green, you'll find straw built homes, underground homes, cabins, site built homes and manufactured homes. Some people live year round in their RV's and thoroughly enjoy it!

This land is primitive. Sometimes you have to make your own street signs even when there's no road.

Several parcels just outside of St Johns are full of gravel that can be sold or used for driveways.

Stores and Supplies

The Witch Well Tavern, an old family operated business, is located on Hwy. 191. Besides beer they have snacks, sodas and frozen pizza. The unincorporated village consists mainly of the tavern, pictured here. A short ways down the road to the south is an RV park and campground run by a nice guy named Ron. On either side of the highway between these two locations will be private land owned by folks just like you, who want to get away from it all.

The Zuni Indian Reservation is located 25 miles due east from the tavern and it also has stores, market, gas, bakery for fresh bread and Pueblo Restaurant, you will observe beautiful colorful mesas and an authentic pueblo village.

The town of St. John's is 25 miles away and it is the County Seat. It provides the local residents with Gas, Groceries, Drug Store, Hardware Store and Restaurants. City of St. Johns (928) 337-4517

To the north is I40 and the Navajo Indian Reservation. From there it is a short journey to Gallup NM in the east or Holbrook and Winslow to the west.


County governments like Apache County are not able to provide the same level of service that city governments provide.

You may need a four wheel-drive vehicle and/or chains for all four tires to travel safely during storms, which can last for several days.

Apache County maintains about 800 miles of off reservation roads- 60(+/-) miles are paved. If an existing road is unpaved; it is highly unlikely that Apache County will pave it in the foreseeable future.

Sewer service is not available in most rural areas, [so] you will need an approved septic system or other treatment process. The type of soil available for a leach field is very important in determining the cost and function of a new septic system. In some cases, a standard septic system will not work (based on soil conditions) and an alternative septic system is required. Alternative systems can be very expensive (they could exceed $20,000).

Trash removal: In more remote areas, the most viable option may be to haul your trash to a landfill or a solid waste transfer station. It is illegal to create your own trash dump, even on your own property.

Existing easements on your property may require you to allow construction of roads, power line, water lines, and sewer lines etc., across your land. These existing easements may also prevent you from building your residence, accessory buildings, or fences where you want to locate them.

If you anticipate operating an agricultural or livestock business be sure to research water rights associated with your land. Obtain accurate information on the quantity of water needed for your desired use. Because the flow rates in an arid climate are unpredictable, there is no guarantee sufficient water will be available at any given time.

Arizona has an open range law. This means that if you do not want cattle, sheep or other livestock on your property, it is your responsibility to fence them out. It is not the responsibility of the rancher to keep his/her livestock off your property. Also, if your dog harasses livestock, the rancher may legally shoot the dog without prior notice to you.

Since the rural west will not change immediately to accommodate your lifestyle or expectations, you should be prepared to adapt accordingly.

A few very simple rules but very important you must remember when driving around out west.

  • Always close gates behind you. This keeps the ranchers happy.
  • Drive slow and carefully on dirt roads, especially around cattle.
  • Leave the land as you find it. Random pieces of trash thrown carelessly on the ground destroys the beauty of the land.
Code of the West

Enterprise Zone

All of Southern Apache County is a designated Enterprise Zone, which can mean substantial savings to businesses. A state corporation tax credit up to $3,000 over a three year period is offered for each new employee, provided the employee is a permanent full-time position, with a minimum wage designated by the county. Qualified manufacturing businesses are also eligible for property tax reclassification for 5 years, which can result in an 80% reduction in taxes on all real and personal property located in the enterprise zone. You can contact the Economic Development for Apache County Corporation (EDAC) at (928) 337-2644